Dot Matrix Printer Performs Epic Rendition Of 'Eye Of The Tiger'

Dot Matrix Printer Performs Epic Rendition Of 'Eye Of The Tiger'

Last week we brought you the classic 'Tainted Love' covered by a chorus of floppy disk drives but today we're taking things up a notch. Ever since the song 'Eye Of The Tiger' made is debut in the Rocky movies, it's become a universal anthem for getting pumped up and in the zone. Today sports stars and athletes often use it as their warm up tune to pump them up ahead of the event. It's has that unquestionable ability to make you feel invincible and gives you the focus you just might need overcome the odds - just like Stallone did.

But for the rest of us, it's hard to get "in the zone" when your office soundtrack is merely the tapping of the keys from the person in the cubicle next to you. Which is all the more reason to celebrate the following clip, the retro a dn much maligned dot matrix printer might just have another a karaoke machine.

Here's one that's been programmed to perform (yep you've guessed it) 'Eye Of The Tiger' in all it's glory. No mean feat either, it does a pretty amazing job at remaining faithful to the original song.

So next time you need to get fired up before heading into the meeting with your boss, don't forget to fire up your trusty dot matrix printer and play that baby LOUD.

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