Step Into A World Of Tiny Robots & Colourful Donuts

Robots and Donuts by Eric Joyner image

Step Into A World Of Tiny Robots & Colourful Donuts

Shortly after the end of World War  II, you might be surprised to know that the major export from Japan wasn't mountains of new technology and electronic devices - but actually toys.

A luxury previously but something urgently need to put the smiles back on the faces of million of children through the world. And not just any toys either, we're talking hand painted tin toys that came in a variety of forms, cars, trains, planes and even submarines. Amongst all the goodies though, one ruled supreme - the toy robot. During the 1940-1960s if you could imagine a toy it in robot form, it was being made. Thousands of designs flooded the market, with each generation being promptly snapped by avid parents who were as much a fan of the tin robots as their children.

Today many of these toys are locked away in attics around the world, whilst others are proudly on display in museums as genuine collector items. Like many children during that era, painter Eric Joyner still has a genuine love for those tin companions of old. It's their bright colours and life-like expressions that are the focus of his whimsical and imaginative paintings. But the fun doesn't end there, along with robots Joyner is also a fan of donuts (hey who isn't?) and decided to one day pair them together.

Once he did, he truly never looked back.

Today we're featuring a some of his fun-filled paintings, which (you've guessed it) portray his beloved tin robots getting up to all kinds of mischief with gigantic and delicious looking donuts. His book Robots and Donuts is jam-packed with 176 pages of his colourful work, whilst many of the images you're about to see are also available as limited edition prints.

Via Robots and Donuts

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