Artist Turns Discarded Toys Into Classic Artworks

Artist Turns Discarded Toys Into Classic Artworks

Your discarded toys will always find a welcoming home in Jane Perkin's studio. The visual artist (who calls herself a 'remaker') is setting the art world a buzz in her native country of the United Kingdom with her on-going series 'Plastic Classics'.

She re-creates classic artworks and portraits  of the likes of Nelson Mandela, Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein and even Leonardo DaVinci's Mona Lisa and she does so using hundreds of tiny elements.

I make portraits and reinterpret old masters using found materials. I use anything of the right colour and right size, plastic shells, toys and beads. I never add any colour, everything is just as it's been found.

These pieces might be odd buttons, bits of LEGO, seashells and even Star Wars figures. Over several weeks and months, she positions them until  they collectively combine into one giant collage, replicating the portrait of her chosen subject. It's akin to one giant jigsaw puzzle where you have to rummage around for that exact piece. In the case of Jane's inventive artwork, it involved digging through bags and bags of times to find that final object that allows her to complete the work.

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Via: Jane PerkinsMy Modern Met

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