12 Vintage Passports Of The Rich And Famous

12 Vintage Passports Of The Rich And Famous

Everyone loves getting stamps in their passport, the more stamps the better! But your trusty travel companion might be an endangered species over the next few years.

It won't be long we suspect, until traditional passports will be abandoned and replaced with microchips or scannable devices. Just think, you won't have to walk around with that god-awful photo you had taken 10 years ago either if it could update in real-time.

Until then, international traveling will continue to involve the ever fading and tatty passport book. With that in mind, here's a look back on some vintage passports of from some of the most well-known (and well-travelled) individuals from yesteryear.

1. Walt Disney

2. Marilyn Monroe

3. Albert Einstein

4. Sammy Davis

5. Virginia Woolf

6. Janis Joplin

7. Muhammad Ali

8. Roy Orbison

9. F. Scott Fitzgerald

10. Ernest Hemingway

11. Johnny Cash

12. John Lennon

Speaking of the past, make sure you check out our story In 1939 They Attempted To Predict The Fashion Of The Future, you'll be pretty surprised at what they dreamed up.

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