Wonderfully Imaginative Playgrounds Loved By Kids

Wonderfully Imaginative Playgrounds Designed Loved By Kids image

Wonderfully Imaginative Playgrounds Loved By Kids

If only the Danish creative firm Monstrum could design all the playgrounds around the world, every child would be walking around with a permanent grin on their face.

The company originally worked on the concepts and production of theatre sets for various Copenhagen theatres and it's those skills and eye for the imaginative that they've now applied to children's playgrounds. 

Forget those token monkey bars and rusty chain link swings, how does climbing a giant parrot sound? Or leaping over an enormous fish? Or simply swinging about on a very relaxed robot? All that's now possible thanks to their on-going work at playgrounds around the world.

Their latest creation is proudly on display in Gorky Park, Moscow. And naturally it's a gigantic octopus slash fun slippery slide. Before sure to see more of their work, creatures and concepts via their official site.

Children often have the most vivid of imaginations and thanks to these spaces, they can now truly let that creativity run wild.

Via Colossal

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