South Koreans Before & After Intensive Plastic Surgery

Before And After Of South Korean Cosmetic Surgery image

South Koreans Before & After Intensive Plastic Surgery

Looking good is serious money. In South Korea, a wave of travelling willing women and men have gone under the knife in recent years, cosmetically improving their best facial features and reducing their perceived flaws. Cosmetic surgery in South Korea is notably cheaper than in other parts of the world, which explains the surge in demand.

In 2012 their medical tourism industry raked in an eye-watering $453,000,000 - that's a serious number of Botox injections, collagen implants, eyebrow lifts and nose jobs.

For many undergoing those surgeries it's seen as a way to improve your life, your chances of marriage and even your ability to get promoted and hired for work. When you have those potential riches ahead of you, then the question of money becomes irrelevant.

We're featuring several before and after shots of those individuals who have opted to have plastic / cosmetic surgery. Do you believe these cosmetic enhancements have improved the patient's original appearance?

Or do you think the surgery is creating a production line of homogenised and uniformed faces, suspended in time, free from expression and bereft of character?

Do you think the changes have been worth the money?

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