In 1939 They Attempted To Predict The Fashion Of The Future

In 1939 They Attempted To Predict The Fashion Of The Future

The technology and environments featured in science fiction movies are often good indicators as to what our future world might be like.

For example, in the very early series of Star Trek they had doors that ‘magically’ opened as Captain Kirk & co. approached them. Imagine that, a door that open by itself? Now, automatic doors are everywhere.

Sometimes though, we've certainly let our imagination get the better of us. In Germany circa 1900, they predicted that we’d all be whizzing around in personalised flying-machines by 2000. 14 Years later and we’re all still standing in line at the airport putting our shampoo bottles in clear plastic bags.

More recently a 1939 short film was produced whereby the leading fashion designers of the day were asked to create and speculate on the kind of clothing that would be worn in 2000.

Apparently men were set to be armed with "a telephone, a radio, and containers for coins, keys, and candy for cuties.". Now most of the men we know certainly carry around their Smartphone and house keys, just not the “candy for cuties”. Maybe we collectively should?

But just how far off the mark were their other predictions? Watch their other outlandish and hilarious claims for fashion in the millennium below.

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