Sensational Portraits Built From 100's Of Tiny Objects

Intricate Portraits Made From Collages Of Collected Specimens By Michael Mapes image

Sensational Portraits Built From 100's Of Tiny Objects

Michael Mapes is the extraordinary American artists behind these intricate and reinterpreted Dutch portraits. He's taken some of the finest works by the likes of Nicolaes Eliasz Pickenoy and Rembrandt and ingeniously recreated them using hundreds of tiny specimens and objects.

Look closer and you'll see that at any moment any part of his incredible collage  work could be in the form of a photographic print, an eyelash, insect or even a sequin or two. Up close, they look nothing more than a set of jumbled set of pipes, pins and needles - but it's when you step back that you can truly appreciate the mastery of his work. The array of textures, shapes, forms and patterns magically align to re-imagine the masters work in a contemporary setting.

Even the likes of Rembrandt would surely be impressed. You can see more of Michael's stunning work in larger and HD formats via his official site

Via Design Boom

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