Surprisingly Beautiful Images Of Sumo Wrestlers In Battle

Surprisingly Beautiful Images Of Sumo Wrestlers In Battle

Make no mistake, sumo wrestlers being some most powerful and physically imposing individuals you're likely to come across. Their world is steeped in a mixture of Japanese traditions dating back some 1000 years, where humility, respect and an unyielding focus are ever-present.

When two mammoth sumo wrestlers collide, it is as much a psychological battle as it is a physical confrontation. A fight can be over in mere seconds, such is the speed and sheer force used by both combatants.

For all the terms you might associate with sumo wrestling, "grace" and "serenity" would certainly be low on the list. Yet it's those two elements that Japanese photographer Tomoki Momozono has harnessed in his impressive series 'The Art Of Sumo'. Through his photography, you're presented with a different perspective of the sport, one of calm, stillness and beauty - even in the midst of battle. It's an atmosphere and feeling often missing in contemporary sports photography, which is predominantly focused on capturing movement and moments.

Tomoki initially stumbled into the world of photography by accident. When his very first instant film camera broke down, he found that the cost of repairing it would be the same as purchasing a brand new SLR. Since then, with his trusty SLR permanently around his neck he's excelled and evolved into a freelance sports photographer.

Be sure to view the full range of his work via his evocative Behance profile.

Via Tomoki Momozono

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