Loving Family Photographed Every Year For 21 Years

Loving Family Photographed Every Year For 21 Years

It's the finesse and poise which sets the photographic work of Zed Nelson apart from many of his talented contemporaries.

Indeed, there are few better at harnessing mood or tone and as a result, it's seen him win a score of awards. Those include the likes of the Visa d’Or in France; First Prize in World Press Photo Competition; and the Alfred Eisenstaedt Award, USA just to name a few. One of his most celebrated works is award-winning Love Me series, where he explores the insidious power of the global beauty industry and our collective insecurity, vanity, and fear of ageing.

On the subject of ageing, one of our favourite examples of his beautiful work is titled 'The Family'. An ongoing and ever evolving series centred around the family unit. This time the focus isn't on the fear of old, but simply embracing it.

"I began this project 21 years ago. The wife of a friend was nine months pregnant, and I had an idea - based on time-lapse photography - to photograph them together, on the same day every year, forever. I planned the shoots in a formal, almost scientific way. Every year, at the same time, against the same backdrop, under the same lighting. This way there are no distractions, only the miracle of growth and the changes of time and age."

As the years begin to ease past, the beautify and decay of life begins to intertwine. Some years the family is brimming with vitality and life, others sees them in a more reflective and contemplative mood. But throughout the 21 years Nelson has managed to document not only their journey, but their genuine love and connection to each other.

Afterall, there are few things more important in this world than family.

Via Zed Nelson

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