Stylish Celebrities Get Naked & Intimate With Fish For Charity

 Gillian Anderson & Conger Eel image

Stylish Celebrities Get Naked & Intimate With Fish For Charity

"The global marine ecosystem will collapse within a generation if unsustainable fishing practices are allowed to continue."

It's a chilling premonition, that future generations will have to rely on fisheries for their seafood as we will have stripped the ocean floor bare. Or that the global marine ecosystem, with its myriad of lifeforms and creatures will start to disintegrate. Can you imagine that?

That's the very real situation the world will face if sustainable fishing practices and quotas aren't introduced rapidly. Those much-needed changes need to be written into law by our current politicians around the world.

In order to highlight the issue and get garner their support, British charity 'FishLove' enlisted the help of highly-sought after French photographer Denis Rouvre & a wealth of European celebrities to create an eye-opening awareness campaign. Most recognisable of all is Gillian Anderson (X-Files) who gets up close and personal with a conger eel.

It's provocative and stylishly executed but at its very heart is a truly worthwhile cause. Together we can all play a role in rallying behind and protecting the sea for future generations, so please do get involved and show your support via FishLove

Gillian Anderson & Conger Eel

Thomas Dutronc & Dusky Grouper

Kenzo & Bonito

Jeany-Spark & Stone-Bass

Jean-Marc-Barr & Mako Shark

Caroline Ducey & Barracuda

Aure Atika & Spotlight-Parrotfish

Goldie & Redfish

Via FishLove

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