Alarming Video Maps Every Nuclear Explosion On Earth

Alarming Video Maps Every Nuclear Explosion On Earth

This time-lapse video that will truly send shivers up your spine.

Between the years of 1945 and 1998 different countries collectively triggered a staggering 2,053 nuclear explosions. The first was the 'Trinity' test which occurred in Los Alamos whilst number 2,053 was unleashed in Pakistan in early 1998. There's also some debate as to whether North Korea actually conducted two of their own nuclear tests during this time period - so the number would be even higher.

With those frightening statistics on hand, Japanese visual artist Isao Hashimoto decided to create a short clip which tracked all 2,053 explosions, mapping them geographically and chronologically. In his compelling video, nations are represented by a blip, a flashing dot indicates when a nuclear weapon has been detonated by that country. And whilst the level of activity seems slow initially, by 1962 the rate at which different countries are willingly setting off nuclear explosions is nothing short of alarming.

And just to add the icing the apocalyptic cake, Hashimoto's video doesn't include the countless nuclear leaks and various meltdowns around the world....

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