Powerful Vintage Photographs Of Japanese Samurai Warriors

Vintage Photographs Of Japanese samurai warriors image

Powerful Vintage Photographs Of Japanese Samurai Warriors

You might be surprised to know, that during their heyday the Japanese samurai made up less than 10% of Japan's total population and yet their influence continues to permeate Japanese culture centuries on.

The name 'Samurai' whilst popular to many in the developed world, is often known as buke (武家?) or bushi (武士) in Japan. It was the term given to "those who serve in close attendance to the nobility" in other words, trained killers and diligent mercenaries sworn to protect the elite of Japan, from the Emperor through to his aids.

But as their ranks grew, they formed a government that overthrew the established order. The aristocrats of old felt the cold blade of Japanese steel whilst the Samurai themselves became the new power-brokers. From 1192 to somewhere around 1867 they were in total control of Japan's development, a military coup lasting some 650 years.

Today their impressive legacy still lives on through people like Korehira Watanabe, a Japanese swordsmith of 40 years who is obsessed with recreating their mythical 'Koto' sword and through these incredible and powerful photos that document their legacy.

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