Butterfly Wings That Contain The Entire Alphabet

Kjell Bloch Sandved The Butterfly Alphabet image

Butterfly Wings That Contain The Entire Alphabet

Who knew that Mother Nature knew the alphabet?

We're often going about our lives at such a frantic pace that it's easy to forget the little things, those minute details that can at times inspire true wonder. It's just as well we've got Norwegian photographer Kjell Bloch Sandved around to make us all stop and catch our breath at the wonder of Mother Nature.

During the course of his extensive career, he's been photographing different species of butterflies and moths, each with their own unique traits and patterns on their wings. One day, during a shoot he noticed what looked like a letter on one of the wings and shortly after, found more and more examples of different letters of the alphabet spread out in wildly different colours and styles.

Using his extensive collection of insect images, he was able to piece together the entire alphabet purely from all the different markings he'd photographed,. He's called the series the Butterfly Alphabet and recently he was even able to decipher the numbers zero through to nine as well.

You can not only order a print of the alphabet from his official website, you can even order prints of any word you like, spelled out using his photographs. A reminder if you will, that beauty truly is all around us.

via Butterfly Alphabet website + My Modern Met

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