15 Breathtaking Images Of Cities Viewed From High Above

 3,000 Feet Over Chicago image

15 Breathtaking Images Of Cities Viewed From High Above

Whenever you visit a city anywhere in the world, some of the hardest shots to take are those sprawling images of the city beneath you.

Unless you’re way up high in a lookout tower or sneakily taking a few snaps out of the aeroplane window, it’s unlikely you’re ever going to be able to capture that impressive aerial photograph without some serious effort.

But thanks to our friends at One Big Photo, we’re able to bring you a selection of 15 unique cities captured from way up high (even 3,000 ft in the case of Chicago in the US!).

Each will give you an entirely new perspective on some of the most popular and fascinating cities right around the globe and hopefully some inspiration for your next holiday.

Which you have you been too?

By Brandon Sharpe

By Lars Schöning

By ]( Mahorov

By Pablo Lopez Luz

By ]( Kehren

By Evan Leeson

By Sandro Bisaro

By Marcelo Castro

By Thatcher Kelley

By Dominic Kamp

By Shigehiro Ono

By Hakki Aydin Ucar

By Anne De Henning

By Ewoud Dronkert

By Pedro Szekely

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