Family Make Shocking Discovery That Will Give You The Chills

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Family Make Shocking Discovery That Will Give You The Chills

With burglar alarms, padlocks, security codes and swipe cards you'd think one would be safe in your own home right? For 99% of us, that’s true but here’s a story about the 1% whom were anything BUT safe in their domestic bliss.

It all began innocently enough, two young boys playing about in a relatively new house when they accidentally yanked one of the bookshelves, making an unusual discovery in the process.

Behind it was a secret staircase which nobody in the family even knew existed.

When they peer down they found a tall, spiral staircase that lead downward directly into a wall...

But as you walked about halfway down the staircase, a crawlspace  in the side of the wall was revealed.

After peering in, the two boys discovered the most chilling scene. Someone had been squatting, right there inside their own walls. 

Upon closer inspection the boys found a few objects, firstly this odd looking elephant.

Secondly a mysterious old key that doesn't work with any of the "known" locks in the house.

And just for the added creepy factory, they also found some dolls hidden away beneath the blankets.....

*Isn't that utterly terrifying! *

Was it a hoax?

Certainly the local police are taking the matter seriously as they try to piece together the evidence as to whom the "stranger in the wall" might be. Alarmingly due to the lack of food and clothing, police suspect that he or she probably came and went whenever they pleased and would then creep back in to go to sleep.

The very definition of "a stranger in the night" as it were.

Good luck sleeping tonight.

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