Artist Paints The Human Body In Ways You Cannot Imagine

Alexa Meade Paints The Human Body In Ways You Cannot Imagine  image

Artist Paints The Human Body In Ways You Cannot Imagine

This is the talented Alexa Meade, a painter who creates extraordinary paintings by using the human body as her primary canvas.

Her work is almost illusionary in nature, collapsing any sense depth and reduce living models into 2D pictures. It's mind-boggling to see and interestingly enough, a total subversion of the celebrated trompe l'oeil - an artistic technique whereby 2D objects are represented to exist in three dimensions, a forced optical illusion if you will.

Just like the famous trompe l'oeil, her work will certainly cause you to pause and look at little closer, such is the brilliance of its execution. Bold colours, characters that don't seem real, but actually are and a sense of the surreal are just some of her trademarks on display.

I skip the canvas along together and if I want to paint your portrait I'm painting it on you. Physically on you. That probably means you're going to end up with an ear full of paint. she adds.

You'll be pleased to know that many of her works are available for purchase and you can see the entire collection of her ongoing portrait series via her inspirational site

We think you'll agree, it makes for incredible viewing all round.

Don't forget to watch Meade's TED talk which shows off photographs of some of her more outlandish results as well as a new project involving people, paint and milk.

Via Alexa Meade

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