This Homeless Veteran's Makeover Will Reduce You To Tears

This Homeless Veteran's Makeover Will Reduce You To Tears

The way you look in inextricably linked to how you feel and your general well-being.

Those who have a healthy diet, exercise regularly and take care of their body, usually feel a sense of mental clarity and look in good physical shape. Cloud that with a poor diet, alcohol abuse and homelessness - the hallmarks of poverty and it will drastically impact your mental well-being, health outlook and general appearance.

Feeling good about yourself, the way you look for example, gives you a sense of empowerment and an injection of positivity. That's the concept behind the heartwarming video by Degage Ministries. After years of living in poverty, struggling with alcoholism and being homeless, US army veteran Jim Wolf volunteer himself to go through a visual transformation.

Below is the time-lapse footage of his journey, we haven't posted a picture of the final result because we don't want to ruin the surprise. But rest assured, it's a genuine tearjerker and a reminder to us all that we shouldn't stereotype somebody based on their appearance or circumstance - we're all equal in this world.

And hopefully, after this video, we home it's a world Jim feels more connected to and happier to be in.

Via YouTube

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