Superb & Must-See Paintings Of An Aging Superhero

Superb & Must-See Paintings Of An Aging Superhero

When it comes to the world of superheroes, we only really seem that at their best, in their prime, vanquishing evil-doers left right and centre. But what happens when Captain America turns 55? Or Batman isn't as flexible as he once used to be?

That's the theme Andreas Englund startling photorealistic oil paintings. The immensely gifted Swedish painter has been creating different scenarios in the life of an Ageing Superhero, which is also the name of the series.

From struggling at the supermarket to getting a genuine workout fighting off hordes of ninjas, it's a fun, candid and tender look at a superhero who's body has truly seen better days. The project is on-going with more scenes and settings planned.

Englund actually sells originals of his work on his website, but if that's out of your price range you could always settle for a neat limited edition print instead.

Below are just a few of the moments he's captured with breathtaking realism.

Via  Andreas EnglundJuxtapoz

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