Meet 'Puddles' The Sad 7ft Clown With A Golden Voice

Meet 'Puddles' The Sad 7ft Clown With A Golden Voice

Many people have a genuine fear of clowns, or at the very least find them slightly creepy (Can you blame them when this guy is wandering around).

A lot of the bad press or negative vibes associated with clowns was more than likely the result of Stephen King's horror classic 'IT', in which a demonic spirit manifested itself as a clown called Pennywise and kidnapped children.

Since then, clowns and wickedness have been inextricably linked - for better or worse. But that could all be changing, thanks to a new clown on the block.

Meet 'Puddles' The Sad 7ft Clown With A Golden Voice

He's hard to miss too. Standing 7ft tall is 'Puddles', a clown who might initially widen your eyes and get your heartbeat racing such is his ominous appearance, but actually who possesses the most incredible golden voice.

Imagine that, a singing clown who isn't just a novelty but a genuine talent.

But don't take our word for it. Here's his unique cover of LORDE's 'Royals', it's one of the few cases where (heavens forbid!) the cover could be equal or even better than the original. You be the judge.

Find out more about Puddles via his Facebook page

Via Puddles | Photo by Jason Maris

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