An Alarming Look At How Damaging Photoshop Can Be

An Alarming Look At How Damaging Photoshop Can Be

Make no mistake, we've been known to celebrate the transformative and creative wonder that is Photoshop.

It's responsible for putting New York City actually inside The Grand Canyon, turning Hollywood men into Hollywood ladies, giving women some extra facial hair and even putting the beloved Muppets into famous historical artworks.

But there's always two sides to every story and Photoshop, in the wrong hands, has been used for far more devious and misleading purposes. For example, tricking you into thinking that the food you see on a menu, is what you'll end up on your plate, when the reality is actually opposite.

But probably the most underhanded and extreme use of photo manipulation exists within the fashion industry, the masters of illusion.

Models are photographed and uploaded into the computer where they're enhanced, stretched, colourized and manipulated within an inch of their lives - almost to the point where they bare the faintest resemblance to their actual day-to-day appearance. Eyes are widened, legs are extended and curves are trimmed.

Skilfully done? Yes. Hellishly misleading? Without a doubt.

It's hardly a revelation that such extreme and unnatural enhancements are used to create such unrealistic results, we're all aware of it. The question is, are impressionable teenagers? Would there be fewer cases of anorexia if more teens knew just how much CGI adorns their monthly magazines?

It's a question we should all ask ourselves, particularly those with their finger on the mouse.

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