A Chilling Look At The Unseen Photographs Of Adolf Hitler

A Truly Chilling Look At The Unseen Photographs Of Adolf Hitler image

A Chilling Look At The Unseen Photographs Of Adolf Hitler

If you need further proof that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler was equally as psychotic as he was insane, the following collection of 14 private photographs by Heinrich Hoffmann should put your mind at ease.

At the time these were taken, Hitler was listening back to recordings of his own speeches he had given at rally's. Every few minutes he would strike various poses, depending on the context of his speech.

Hoffmann was then ordered to photograph those moments and changes in tone, expression and mood.

After viewing the images once they'd been developed, Hitler immediately demanded they be destroyed. Hoffmann, however, clearly disobeyed that direct order, somehow managing to keep them safe from prying eyes.

Had he been caught, it would surely have cost him his life. Countless others had been hauled in front of the firing squad for far less, such was Hitler intolerance for disobedience and disloyalty.

Hoffmann initially shot the series back in 1925, 88 years on they provide a chilling insight into the intensity and disturbed mind of one of history's most notoriously evil characters.

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