Vintage Adverts Featuring Demonic Children & Evil Teens

Vintage Adverts Featuring Demonic Children & Evil Teens  image

Vintage Adverts Featuring Demonic Children & Evil Teens

Whether by choice or design, the following collection of vintage adverts from The Advertising Archives come complete with numerous demonic looking children plastered all over them.

The actual archives themselves contain over one million British, American & European press ads, magazine covers, catalogs, greetings cards, posters, illustrations and cultural ephemera dating from 1850 to the present day - that's an impressive collection in anyone's book.

All the iconic brands and their marketing has been documented and kept for safekeeping including the likes of Coca-Cola Heinz, NIKEApple, Cadillac and even Chanel.

That's where we stumbled upon this rather strange collection of retro advertisements from yesteryear. All featuring angry babies and creepy teens out to unsettle the family unit or in some instances seemingly bring about the apocalypse.

OK, maybe we might be taking it a bit too far, but there's no denying that there are seriously odd and disturbing, the fact that someone actually created and then signed off on these is an utter mystery. Would you buy 'Pears' soap if it was going to turn your child into The Omen kid?

Probably not right?

Via The Advertising Archives

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