This Deadly Fish Loves To Munch On Swimmers Testicles

This Deadly Fish Loves To Munch On Swimmers Testicles

When it comes to dangerous creatures lurking beneath the waves of your local beach, it's hard to go past the Great White Shark, Portuguese Man-O-War Jellyfish or the Lion Fish all of which can end your life in a hurry.

But now you can add the rarely discussed Pacu fish to that list....particularly if you're a male swimmer.

It's closely related to the Piranha and just like that particular overzealous species of fish, it too likes to take a bite out of anything that swims past. In Papua recently, the Pacu decided to bite the testicles of two fisherman, both tragically died as a result due to severe blood loss. The local Papua fisherman, now call the Pacu 'The Ball Cutter', which seems quite apt all things considered.

And earlier this year, the fish (which is normally associated with warm exotic waters and around the Amazon basin) was found to cruising around Sweden's south coast - so it seems even Europeans aren't safe from its appetite. American's might have to be wary too, the Pacu was recently caught in Lake Lou Yeager in Illinois. Is anywhere truly safe from it's tiny jaws of fury?

In truth the species tends to live off aquatic vegetation, water nuts and even snails - but like the rest of us, it seems they like to diversey their food every now and then.

So our advice, if you're planning on going swimming in chilly Sweden, Papua New Guinea or anywhere around the Amazon, make sure you're wearing bite proof swimming trunks, they literally could save your life.

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