Stormtrooper Helmets Brilliantly Reworked By 10 Artists

Stormtrooper Helmets Brilliantly Reworked By 10 Artists

Now who isn't a fan of Star Wars? (Well the original 3 films at least) Decades later George Lucas's influence looms large over many avenues of pop culture, but it's in the art work in particular where his imagination is most celebrated.

Opening on Oct 9-13 at the Saatchi Gallery in London is a new exhibition titled 'Art Wars' whereby the iconic stormtrooper helmet has been reworked and customized by notable artists Yinka Shonibare through to David Bailey. You can see examples of their bold, unique and diverse work below and better yet, if you've got the cash you can even own one

Don't forget, for more customized Star Wars goodness, make sure you read our former post about Darth Vader also getting the pop culture treatment.

In the meantime, here's a neat video from one of the artists featured below called Ben Moore. He went to the Tate Modern in 2008 to put a very special kind of Stars Wars tribute...

Via Art Wars

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