This Single Device Could Wipe Out 50% Of Human Diseases

This Single Device Could Wipe Out 50% Of Human Diseases

The vast major of water in 3rd world countries is contaminated with diseases that not only make you extremely sick, but can even lead to death young children.

But one man is fighting against those odds.

It’s a simply device, but it has the power to solve one of the world’s most complex problems. Dean Kamen is the inventor behind ‘Slingshot’ a water purification device, that is low on energy needs and yet highly portable. With it, he’s hoping to give improvised communities around the world, the ability to access pure, clean drinking water in their own villages.

“50% of human diseases on earth are the result of water born pathogens. Bad water is the result of 2 million deaths per year, nearly all of them are kids under 5 years of age. We could empty half of all the beds in all the hospitals around the world, just by giving people clean water.”

The Slingshot device boils water (killing the vast majority of bacteria known to harm humans) which then produces steam, just like your kettle at home. That steam is then rapidly compressed back into liquid giving you distilled purified water. The sheer genius in the device is that it can be applied to anything that contains some form of water which can be boiled off, so a muddy puddle or the salt ocean could produce a crisp glass of water in minutes.

Through human invention and engineering, it looks like we have the capacity to save millions of lives around the world and give everyone, whenever they are, access to the most basic of needs – healthy, clean water that won’t make them sick.

Find out more about the Slingshot project below

Via Dean Kamen

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