16 Ridiculously Named Cars You Could Actually Buy

16 Stupidly Named Cars You Could Actually Buy  image

16 Ridiculously Named Cars You Could Actually Buy

"I'll pick you up at around 6pm in the Isuzu Mysterious Utility Wizard ok?"

You'd be forgiven in thinking you're about to be taken on some kind of magical otherworldly adventure - but alas, what you'd actually be doing is sitting in this.

As a car it's neither mysterious or magical is it? Curse you Isuzu and your gimmicky names. But it doesn't end there.

Isuzu weren't aren't the only car manufacturer to randomly assign a series of bizarre and unusual words to their vehicles. You'd think after all the hours of research, engineering, design and manpower that goes into creating one of these cars - the least manufactures could do, is give it name that will spike your curiosity and interest.

But no.

In the next 15 examples, we can only assume the marketing department were flying out the door at 5.30pm on a Friday and frantically jotted some words together, e-mailed them off and proudly declared "We're done here!". In the case of Honda, they didn't even bother to finish at all, naming one car 'Honda That's' - nothing more, nothing less. Just leaving you hanging right there.

The following are all real-life examples of cars that were released to the public, put on display at motor shows or had generous marketing campaigns behind them. Whomever named them either had a wonderful sense of humor or they'd been having one too many drinks at the office bar - either way, prepare to be entertained!

Which is your favourite?

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