The Origin Of Bodybuilding & Evolution Of Bodybuilders

The Origin Of Bodybuilding & Evolution Of Bodybuilders

The history of bodybuilding is relatively new in the grand scheme of things. Generally speaking bodybuilding began to be seen as a legitimate sport / fitness activity from as early as 1880. Eugen Sandow is known as 'The Father of Modern Bodybuilding', a true pioneer, he was able to build an audience around his physique - by paying a nominal amount, you were given a show whereby Sandow would flaunt his physique and take part of various strength building exercises.

He soon realise that in order to keep the momentum going and hold the fickle publics interest, that he needed to expand his show beyond himself. And that's when in 1901 he launched 'The Great Competition' now recognised universally as the worlds first bodybuilding contest. It took place on September 14, not in a gym or sports arena, but in the Royal Albert Hall in London of all places.

Soon after, the crazy hit America, 3 years later they too hosted a bodybuilding contest and just like in London, it was housed in an equally iconic location. The famous Madison Square Garden in New York was the original home of the first bodybuilding contest in the United States. The very first winner of which was a man named Al Treloar.

His prize? Being named 'The Most Perfectly Developed Man in the World'. Having a title like that would certainly get you noticed wouldn't it?

Even today in places like Ukraine, he serves as the motivation to all aspiring bodybuilders. Each one training and toning their bodies to incredible levels, in the hope that they too can lay claim to his title.

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