Musician Writes Unique Song Using Video Game Consoles

Musician Writes Unique Song Using Video Game Consoles

Remember when we featured artist who recreated Massive Attack's 'Teardrop' tune using vegetables?

Today, we're featuring another innovative musician called Julian Corrie. Under the guidance of director James Houston (who conceptualised the film & built the machines) Corrie composed and performed a song by recording a mini orchestra of discarded video game consoles, use their bleeps and chirps to create the melodies and beats to his song Polybius.

The trusty Commodore 64 is dusted off and powered up, along with a SEGA Mega Drive and even its arch nemesis the Sony Playstation spins into life. And who could forget about those versatile (yet flimsy) floppy disk drives you use to save half a Word document on? They've been brought back to life, looping and clicking away.

It's amazing how the redundant technologies of old, can be reconfigured into creative tools once again. Some 30 years on, thanks to Julian's ingenuity, they still have the power to entertain and enthrall.

Via The Fox is Black

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