Spectacular Footage Of Planet Earth Actually 'Breathing'

Spectacular Footage Of Planet Earth Actually 'Breathing'  image

Spectacular Footage Of Planet Earth Actually 'Breathing'

We're all familiar with the concept of climate change and whilst weather conditions has certainly become more erratic over time, we still know that winter brings freezing temperatures and summer sweltering heat. It's a cycle that has been repeated for millions of years, sure there are variations but by and large weather conditions year on year have been largely predictable.

But whilst it's boiling hot in December in Australia and icy cold in the United Kingdom, what is happening across the rest of the world? John Nelson has created a stunning animation demonstrating that as a planet, we're all interconnected  by science. Using cloudless images from NASA's ground-breaking Visible Earth team, he's assembled two simple images which demonstrate the overall effect the seasons have our climate around the globe.

It's almost as if Earth actually has a heartbeat or is taking a long deep breath. We see the northern hemisphere fading into a sharp winter as the flora of the world begins to spring into life at the onset of a new season. He's named his inspiring project The Breathing Earth and you can view hi-res versions of his work right here.

Stunning don't you think?

Via Visual News

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