Why Do You Pay For Sex? Candid Answers From Clients

Why Do You Pay For Sex By German Photographer Bettina Flitner image

Why Do You Pay For Sex? Candid Answers From Clients

It's not something that is overly talked about or which the general public is privy too, but whenever you see a brothel it often poses more questions than answers. Who goes there? What's it like inside? Is it illegal? Where are the girls from? What happens if you bump into a co-worker on the way out?

Well, inquisitive & celebrated German photographer Bettina Flitner has ventured into the den of lust to ask probably the most revealing question of all - what actually drove you to pay for sex with a stranger?

Over 10 days in a brothel in Germany she interviewed a range of men aged between 21 and 73. All were candid, honest and upfront about their motivations and experiences with women.

Below are their stories, you can see the full series via her website or view her previous releases here

Guenther, 55, divorced:

I need much sex. It excites me to have always new women. I also go to swingers clubs. But there are often old and ugly women. Sometimes I book a woman from an escort agency. My type? Black or pale skin. Mulatto or from Latvia. No silicone breasts and no injected lips.

I don’t like women who are too professional I prefer the ones who make it only sometimes. They perform better. My last time is one week ago. She said that is was the best sex ever. 50 Euros. Business as usual. The price-performance ratio is good here.

Kai, 49, bank employee, divorced, 2 children:

Why I go the brothel? I would never get women like these here. And I can overstep the limits here. For example anal intercourse I wouldn’t have the heart to ask a normal woman to do it. Costs 100 Euros extra.

I don’t like the very young and very thin girls. They can have normal breast and a little belly a womanly shape. Since three years I have sex with the same woman. If she likes it? I can only believe, what she is pretending.

Iwan, 65, motor mechanic, single:

You do it once. Twice. And then you are used to it. Normally I have to invite a pretty woman twice for dinner, costs 100 Euros and then it probably doesn't work. Here it works always. 

I also had sex with a Colombian several times a beautiful woman well-built. She was very passionate or she was a good actress... But she suddenly disappeared. What a pity.

Christian, 23, forwarding merchant, single:

Why I pay for sex? Women are often a pain in the ass. They stress me when I haven t got enough time for them. If I want to fuck I go here - and I leave. That's it.

A girlfriend often bores me after a short time. And to pay for sex has that certain something. In a way, that's power. You own the woman. You can do with her whatever you want.

What do you make of them? Lost souls looking for love in the wrong places? Misogynistic men living in the dark ages? Or a refreshing & honest take on modern day sexuality?

Via Bettina Flitner

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