This Is Actually What Barbie Should Look Like...

Artist Reveals What A Realistic Barbie Doll Should Look Like By Nicholay Lamm image

This Is Actually What Barbie Should Look Like...

With mainstream media constantly using Photoshop to enhance their magazine covers, retouch celebrities, brighten eyes, boost colour tones and make the whole world blemish and fat-free, is it any wonder that generations of women feel immense pressure to try to compete with what essentially is an illusion? But it's not just women, children too are often mislead and given false impressions of what a real female body actually looks like. That's the inspiration behind visual artist Nicholay Lamm's startling and refreshing creation.

Using data from the US Center for disease Control which provided the approximate measurements for the average 19-year-old female, he created a realistic version of Barbie. Unsurprisingly it is world's apart from the conventional Barbie which millions of children around the world aspire to be like. But it's as close to a true representation of the modern-day American woman as you can get - that in itself is food for thought.

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