Two Guys Make A Dubstep Track From Exploding Chemicals

Two Guys Make A Dubstep Track From Exploding Chemicals

Let's face it, during chemistry class often the most interesting part of the entire lecture was when the elements either caught fire, morphed into a bubbling melting pot of colour or exploded in an incredibly loud & impressive manner.

But when it comes to entertainment and chemistry, the last thing you'd probably think of is creating a dubstep soundtrack using a variety of chemicals, bunsen burners, test tubes and explosions. Yet that's precisely what Adam and Dave, two students from the University of Nottingham in the UK decided to do.

Together they set up microphones in the laboratory, used their chemical know how to create some seriously cool reactions, recorded all the various unique sounds of elements colliding and then edited the entire process down into a 2 minute & 30 second dubstep music video.

They even recorded a behind the scenes video on exactly how they did it.

It's inventive, fun and fascinating to watch, in fact it's proof that when it comes to chemistry, there's often more than meets the eye.

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