Astounding Photorealistic Portraits Drawn In Ballpoint Pen

Astounding Photorealistic Portraits Drawn In Ballpoint Pen by Juan Francisco Casas image

Astounding Photorealistic Portraits Drawn In Ballpoint Pen

We've previously feature several artists who are masters of photorealism. The art of tricking your vision into think you're staring at a photograph, when really it's been created by hand.

But gifted Spanish artist 'Juan Francisco Casas is unique in that he only use the trusty and humble Bic ballpoint pen.

No fancy paints, oils or expensive brushes - just a regular 99c Bic ballpoint and infinite about of skill, patience and finesse.

Many of the people featured in Juan's work are in fact his friends, images captured from nights out, crazy parties and rendezvous with more than a few seductive ladies - which just adds to the sense of realism, movement and vitality in his images.

Those images can reach up to 10ft in size, so you can imagine just how many hours are required to complete them.

You can see more of Juan's phenomenal handiwork via his official site or get hold of a copy of his book ''Juan Francisco Casas' which features the entire stunning series.

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