This Gigantic Face Represents Women's Rights In Holland

This Gigantic Face Represents Women's Rights In Holland

Cuban-American artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada is world renowned for his terrestrial artworks. Recently collaborated with Mama Cash (a feminist foundation based in the Netherlands) to create a giantic portrait of a female face in Zeeburgereiland, Amsterdam.

“Using fertile soil to create this piece becomes a metaphor for what can come forth if the vision of these women is respected and allowed to bring about change.”

The area itself is slightly larger than two football fields, such was the magnitifue of the work, Jorge enlisted the help of 80 volunteers to help him build and arrange the face. In doing so they powered through 7 metric tons of straw, a staggering 5 miles of rope, over 1,000 wooden poples and 5,300 cubic feet of soil to transform Jorge's vision into reality.

Make sure you see the countless other projects and startling artworks and other artworks by Jorge is working on by visiting his website or Flickr. He regularly post videos of his projects to YouTube and Facebook as well.

Via Visual News

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