This Incredibly Cool Chromatic Typewriter Types Out Art

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This Incredibly Cool Chromatic Typewriter Types Out Art

It's odd concept to grasp, but imagine being able to physically "type" out an artwork....

Well, it's not that far from reality, thanks to conceptual artist Tyree Callahan. He's the ingenious individual behind the Chromatic Typewriter, _an artwork that began when _decided to pull apart a classic 1937 Underwood Standard typewriter, replacing its trusty letters and well-worn keys with colour palettes.

For each letter of the alphabet, he allocated a specific hue - the theory is that by tapping them in various combinations, the 'writer' can create some truly vivid and peculiar art.

So WOULD it actually be possible to actually type out your own art rather than painting by hand?

The truth is, sort of.

In an interview with Gizmag he states:

The piece was intended to be purely conceptual, but I do have a confession: as I was applying paint to the keys I could not resist trying it out. This led to a discovery, albeit one impeded and limited by the machine itself. Were there a more practical way to re-apply paint to the keys, it would make some very interesting and fantastic art.

If you had enough time, not to mention limitless patience for routine, you could manually reapply the paint each time the key pressed into the paper. It would more than likely  take you years to achieve anything resembling a painting, but the concept itself we think is pretty neat don't you?

You can find out the latest creations Tyree is currently working on via his official website

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