China's Latest Craze? Dressing Their Dogs In Pantyhose

China's Latest Craze? Dressing Their Dogs In Pantyhose image

China's Latest Craze? Dressing Their Dogs In Pantyhose

You're not imagining the title of this story, it's actually happening.

Remember how China suddenly went bananas for "The Facekini''? Well now they've decided to start up a new meme / fetish / bout of utter weirdness by dressing their dogs in pantyhose. If that sounds really weird, it's because it is. Some dogs even get added features like high heels and shoes to compliment the look.

The craze is called Gou gou chuan siwa” (狗狗穿丝袜) literally "Dogs Wearing Pantyhose" and apparently it first started via the Chinese social network Weibo. It was there, that one user uploaded a photo of his dog wearing pantyhose as a joke, shortly after that image alone garnered 16,000 comments and thus a new weird corner of the internet was born.

Now more and more people are getting their favorite pooches geared up and posing for shots. So what do you think? Harmless fun, utterly creepy or are you at the extreme end and think it's animal cruelty? One thing that isn't in question, the dogs themselves don't look too impressed do they?

Via Kotaku

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