29 Wonderfully Cute And Quirky Japanese Mascots

29 Wonderfully Cute And Quirky Japanese Mascots  image

29 Wonderfully Cute And Quirky Japanese Mascots

What can you say about Japan that hasn't already been said?

As a nation they are obsessed with colourful characters, Manga comics & anything that's even slightly left of centre. Which goes a long way into explaining the existence of these Japanese mascots.

Designed to represent national parks, suburbs, airports, TV stations, popular streets, historical landmarks and even cities themselves.

Each has their own unique story and whilst they are at times incredibly cute, they're also utterly random & ridiculous in equal amounts.

Here's 29 of the best, if you want to have you photo with them or meet them in person we've included where you'll be able to find them!

1. Kasab – The mascot of Kasamatsu Park

2. Kumamon – The mascot for a bullet train line in the city of Kumamoto

3. The mascots for Uno-ko in Okayama Prefecture

4. Hikonyan – The mascot for Hikone Castle

5. Chihana-chan – The mascot of Chiba City

6. Kutan – The mascot for Narita Airport

7. Yachinyan of Yonbancho Square shopping street.

8. Domo-kun – The official mascot of NHK TV station

9. Barii-san – The mascot for Imabari City

10. Arukuma – The mascot of Nagano

11. Takamaru – The mascot of 400th anniversary of Hirosaki Castle

12. Teletama – The mascot for Television Saitama

13. Kishu-kun – Wakayama police mascot

14. Hantama-kun – Half boiled egg mascot on Hunter Mountain Shiobara

15. Reruhi-san – Nigata snow ski mascot

16. A!kanbe – Nakatsu castle mascot in Kyushu

17. Sarasa-chan – The mascot of Makino Highland

18. Meisui-kun – Local election mascot

19. Manto-kun – Second mascot of “Festival of the 1300th anniversary of Nara”

20. Tawawachan – Kyoto Tower mascot

21. Hiyoko-chan – Chikin Ramen’s mascot

22. Eco-chan – City of Kyoto mascot

23. Ohmin – Mascot of the Ohmifuji Japan Agriculture co-operative

24. Kachinta – Mascot of Toei Movie Land theme park

25. Kamon – Mascot of Shiga University

26. Momo, Chachamaru & Tabita – Mascots of Sagawa Museum

27. Kunio – Moriyama Ski Resort mascot

28. Shimaneko – Shimane prefecture mascot

29. Fukka – Mascot of city of Fukaya, Saitama

Japanese Mascots Set World Record For Most Dancing Mascots

Which mascot stands out as your favourite?

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