9 Sexually Suggestive Cartoons From Your Childhood

9 Sexually Suggestive Cartoons From Your Childhood 2 image

9 Sexually Suggestive Cartoons From Your Childhood

To complement our previous post 20 Funny Innuendos In Cartoons, we thought we'd take a look a few other cartoons from yesteryear to see how they've stood the test of time. What we found might surprise you - it certainly did us!

As a kid excitedly sitting down to watch your favourite weekend cartoons, you're completely unaware of all the adult metaphors and subtle jokes that are sneakily inserted into the scripts. But when you look back on those cartoons as an adult, there are some hilariously cheeky and sexually suggestive moments to be enjoyed.

Was it by accident or did the illustrators and script writers known what they were doing? Was it a series of tongue in cheek jokes to keep themselves entertained or perhaps just an unfortunate perspective? Maybe it's taken out of context all together?

You decide as we look at 9 images from some popular cartoons that are sure to raise a few eyebrows!

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