Cleverbot: A Robot That Has Written An Entire Short Film

Cleverbot: A Robot That Has Written An Entire Short Film

Robots are taking over the world aren't they? They've open up their own restaurant in China and even started forming their own rock bands. Well, now you can add 'Writing their own movie scripts' to the list too.

Please welcome to the stage Cleverbot - currently one of the world's most advanced computers in terms of its ability to hold a conversation with you. Deep within its circuitry is an algorithm that was created by scientist & all-round genius Rollo Carpenter. It's not new either, having been on the web for around 16 years. But during that time it's captured, analyzed, adapted and processed over 60 million interactions & conversations with us mere mortals. A lot of us it seems, love talking to a computer.

It turns out that when you look at a big enough pool, generally speaking we have similar answers to the same questions. It's these answers that Cleverbot pieces together to have a debate and genuine conversation with you. The more use it, the better it becomes a responding.

Of course, it's not perfect and it can veer from appearing to actually sound like a human you're conversing with, through to being utterly nonsensical at times. Which is why filmmaker Chris Wilson couldn't wait to enlist the help of Cleverbot to help him write the script for a movie. Cleverbot even picked the name (naturally) of short film call it Do You Love Me.

We won't give too much away, except to say you'll be entertained, laughing out loud one minute and completely bamboozled the next.

Via our friends at FastCodeDesign

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