A Collection Of Surreal & Decomposed 35mm Film Clippings

A Collection Of Surreal  image

A Collection Of Surreal & Decomposed 35mm Film Clippings

These days the world of cinema is all digitized, backed up and edited on countless blinking severs. But in cinema's formative years (1897 -1915), such devices were a thing of pure fantasy, creating and indeed editing a film was an incredibly manual process. Much of the magic and techniques of those times have been lost.....but not entirely.

Noted and late Italian film historian Davide Turconi managed to keep some prized artifacts from the world of film, collecting an astounding 23,491 film clippings during his lifetime. But time has sadly not been kind, with many of these 35mm nitrate film clippings damaged, degraded, warped and in state severe of decomposition.

They've now been released to the public by Joshua Yumibe, who is charged with looking after with the Turconi Project.

Of these cinematic treasures he added:

Such frames make up a relatively small yet remarkable portion of the collection. As these shapes and hues have tragically faded in disintegrating emulsion, we are left with fragments that, through the workings of time, have transmuted into breathtaking images akin to abstract works of art.

Below is a selection of Turcon's personal collection, they offer a fascinating if ghostly insight into times gone by. You can out the entire history behind the series right here

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