Relive Being In An Actual Riot With This 8-Bit Game

Relive Being In An Actual Riot With This 8-Bit Game

We're pretty big fans of the whole '8-bit' genre / style here at SBSG (as you can probably tell) but we've yet to feature a game / app designed deliberately with that very look and feel.

Say hello to RIOT, a forthcoming iOS, Android, Mac, and PC game that is currently seeking support on funding site IndieGoGo.

You can pick your side, a mild manner mob who has become enraged and delieriously out of control, or local law enforcement - armed to the teeth with guns, bulletproof vests and shields. Either way, it looks like there's some serious fun to be had.

The creators are based in Italy go on to add:

Living in a country drowning in debt and corruption, it is practically impossible for Team “Riot” to find way to fund the project in Italy and we are therefore asking for your help. We need you to spread the voice on an important issue through the medium of videogames.

They still have a fair way to go in their funding, but we thought the trailer looked epic and they could do with a leg up, so if you like what you see, why not send them a dollar or two?

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