Is This The Future? A Chinese Restaurant Run By Robots

Is This The Future? A Chinese Restaurant Run By Robots

Who needs an entire restaurant of expensive chefs, sommeliers, crisp cut waiters or a maître d' when you have an army of 20 robots waiting for your command? Well that's the reality in a small restaurant located in Harbin, China.

Interestingly enough, each robot was built by Harbin Haohai Robot Company, local to the area, for a cost of between $31,000 up to a staggering $47,000 US dollars. Still cheaper than paying regular wages, health insurance and holiday entitlements to human staff over time.

Diners looking for something a little different, will be greeted not by a smiling host, but by an imposing robot usher who declares "Earth person hello. Welcome to the Robot Restaurant"

Once seated, a droid chef will cook your meal (various dumplings and noodles) whilst several waiter robots will then bring different dishes to your table. It's fully automated, in fact the only point any human interaction comes into the equation is when your order is taken, it's then typed into the robots system to kick-start the process. Much like you make a few selections on your microwave and hit "Go".

But best of all? There's even a singing robot to keep you entertained whilst your food is being mechanically prepared - although apparently it doesn't do requests just yet.

So is this restaurant a mere novelty or a peek into what our future holds? That's up for you to decided, but surely it's just a question of time until Skynet (the point at which robots will apparently become self-aware) becomes a reality?

When it does, don't expect them to be offering to refill your drink any time soon...

Photograph: Sheng Li/Reuters

Via Amusing Planet

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