Simply Beautiful Floral Skulls Stitched From Leather

Simply Beautiful Floral Skulls Stitched From Leather  image

Simply Beautiful Floral Skulls Stitched From Leather

Jacky Tasi is already a house-hold name in the UK, best know for designing the timeless floral skull pattern for fashion icon Alexander McQueen. But he's not rested on his laurels, he's kept creating, adapting and formulating new ideas around the concept itself.

His latest project sees him slicing flower petals out of leather and stitching them together to create these quite magnificent floral skull sculptures. The biggest of all stands an impressive 5ft tall and took 300 days (and countless long nights) to piece together - requiring the work and patience of 15 needlesmiths.

But we think the end result utterly justifies the amount of time and work his team put in, they are astounding pieces of work. He's also created an expanded  series titled Floral Skullptures whereby each skull is custom designed with a unique colour pattern and theme, we've decided to feature a few of those below as well.

If only McQueen were alive to experience Tasi's latest creations - we're sure he'd find them just as breathtakingly beautiful as we do.

via Devid Sketchbook

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