This Incredible Artist Brings Kids Drawings To Life

This Incredible Artist Brings Kids Drawings To Life

If you looked at a set of drawings created by pre-school kids, you'd have a fascinating insight into how they perceive the world and people around them. Crude and jumbled they may be, but they're also quite revealing and compelling, with metaphors & their daily influencers scribbled out across the paper.

It's their creativity and self-expression that American artist Dave DeVires has been captivated by since 2005. He's the immensely gifted illustrator behind 'The Monster Engine' project. The premise is simple, he takes sketches of monsters drawn by young children & then sets about recreating their pictures using his own interpretation & artistic techniques. The end result is a wonderful collaboration between the children's art and his own - whereby he brings their monster to life in rich and vivid detail.

I use to paint monsters for Marvel Comics, DC Comics & Universal Studios, but those monsters weren’t as cool as the ones I saw lurking in my niece’s sketches. It was then, at age 33, that I decided to take all the lessons about color, action and detail and apply them to little kid’s drawings. It made me remember my childhood and also realize that no matter how old I became I could always see things like a child.

Not only is 'The Monster Engine' an art exhibit, it's also available as book - below are just a few samples of what to expect. Can you imagine being one of the children lucky enough to have your monster given the professional treatment? You'd be the most popular / envied kid in art class that's for sure.

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