Bubblegum Alley: A Street Made Out Of Old Chewing Gum

Bubblegum Alley: A Street Made Out Of Old Chewing Gum

There's probably nothing more annoying that getting chewing gum stuck under your shoe, but when it comes to downtown San Luis Obispo in California - it's not the floor, but the walls you've got to worry about.

Now a genuine tourist attraction the 70ft long 'Bubblegum Alley', towers 15ft high, the majority of its walls covered in discarded, over-chewed, saliva ridden.....bubble gum.

Seriously gross or creative public art project? You decide.

Its history though, is certainly a little sketchy, but many believe it was the result of two different school groups competing with each other after class to see who could stick the most amount of gum to the walls. And from there, it just literally spun out of control into the unusual landmark that it is today.

Local shop owners and residents complained that it was a health and hygiene hazard (apparently is smells disgusting) resulting in several cleaning attempts - but yet it remains. In 1996 it was considered a tourist attraction of sorts and thus all orders for it to be removed and cleaned were ceased.

We should make note that the wall isn't entirely ALL chewing gum - there's different objects, shapes, coins all held fast and firm in amongst the goo. Anyone can contribute items to the wall, but take our advice - you might want to be wearing a pair of rubber gloves at the very least....

Image Credits: One, Two & Threen

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