These Bloody And Grotesque Porcelain Dolls Will Shock You

These Bloody And Grotesque Porcelain Dolls Will Shock You image

These Bloody And Grotesque Porcelain Dolls Will Shock You

When you think about ceramic figurines, you might be reminded of the strange trinkets, characters, animals and peculiar items you grandparents have collected over their years, no doubt proudly displayed on their mantle piece. Often whimsical, innocent and inoffensive - perfect for being on display to the most conservative of guests.

Not so with the grizzly and morbid work of ceramic artist Jessica Harrison. Born in Britain and only a mere 31 years of age, her works has found its way into countless galleries around the world, including the likes Royal Scottish Academy & Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. If you're lightening quick, you can even purchase some of her ceramic works here.

When questioned about her work, she explains:

I would describe my work as focusing on the division between the familiar and the unfamiliar, the interior and the exterior, and the fearful and the feared ending in a xenotransplantation of parts and a narrative of monstrosity.

Expect to see more compelling work from her in the future, but in the meantime, you can see all her creations via official site

Now the question is, would you have them on YOUR mantlepiece?

Via Jessica Harrison

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