A Series Of Puzzling Men's Personal Ads From 1960's

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A Series Of Puzzling Men's Personal Ads From 1960's

Five decades ago, it was a lot harder to meet a fine lady - forget traversing dating sites, creeping around your friends contact list on Facebook or using an app like Blendr to find a good time. In the 1960's there was no shirking behind instant messenger, flirty SMS's or ability to pre-screen through Skype. You put an ad in the paper, crossed your fingers and hoped lady luck would deliver your soulmate.

But with thousands of people reading the personal ads each day, you have to make yourself enterprising enough to 1. Stand out 2. Want people to actually go to the effort of meeting you.

Here's 13 brave (and often puzzling) personal ads from way back when, a series of lonely hearts & horny silver foxes keen to meet, mingle and apparently "swing into action" if you get what we mean...

Ladies, would you have written back to any of these dandy individuals or accepted an invitation to tea and biscuits with them?

Via Mitch O'Connell

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