Eerie & Unusual Last Meals Of Inmates On Death Row

Eerie & Unusual Last Meals Of Inmates On Death Row  image

Eerie & Unusual Last Meals Of Inmates On Death Row

Many people (especially families of the victims) consider death row as the final stop before taking the trip down to hell.

Reserved exclusively for the most violent, cruel and evil inmates, death row is an area in prison designed to house criminals awaiting execution - whose crimes are so extreme, that death is the only option.

The death penalty is still in effect in countries such as Belarus, Cuba, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Japan, Saudi Arabia, & United States among others. In America alone, over 3,000 inmates are currently sitting on death row.

That's where visual artist & photographer Henry Hargreaves comes in. He's studied the last meals of some of the most notorious criminals in US history and re-created their final requests.

He's titled the series 'No Seconds' providing a fascinating (if chilling) look into the last meals of some of the most twisted & tortured minds in history.

As an artist, I find a lot of my inspiration from the weird and unusual. I hope that people can look beyond the crime, and stir some empathy for another human being.

He's carefully interpreted the meals, re-imagining what they might have looked like and how they may have been served against a backdrop of grim designation and reflection. He's also included basic information about the meal, who it was allocated to and the way in which their life was ended.

The guilty will be executed & sentenced to death in a variety of ways, from hanging, shooting, electric chair, decapitation through to the most common - lethal injection. In America, however,  inmates are granted one final meal of their choosing prior to meeting their maker.

Eerie, unusual and captivating, Hargreaves isn't quite so serious and morbid as this series suggests - you can see more of his diverse and compelling projects here.

When you see his work - do you feel strangely sorry for the individuals in question? Do you agree with the death penalty or do you think they were lucky to get treated with a level of comfort they rarely afforded their countless victims...

Via Henry Hargreaves

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