An Intimate Look At Girl's Bedrooms Across The World

A Girl In Her Room By Rania Matar 1 image

An Intimate Look At Girl's Bedrooms Across The World

We love being able to showcase the work of photographers who help us collectively gain a better understanding of the world at large. Whether that's looking at the decline of a place like Detroit, seeing how 1.2 billion people commute in India, taking a confronting look at Russian criminals or discovering what's in people's fridges these days - images can and do speak a million words.

So it's with great pleasure we're able to feature documentary photographer Rania Matar whose work has rightfully been featured in dozens of galleries, museums & collections worldwide. Her latest compelling series "A Girl and Her Room"  see her capturing the cultural differences between the bedrooms of teenage girls in the United States and those of girls in her home of Lebanon.

From the privileged to the poor and everything between, it's a fascinating look into the lives of a new generation.

As a teenager your bedroom is probably you most sacred and comforting place, it's the one place where you can control what happens, where you can be inspired, distracted, seek solace and calm - a place to silence the dramas of every day life, temporarily at least. Through her photography, effortless captures all those feelings and subtle moments in beautiful detail.

When she's not in the field Rania teaches photography at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design & takes the time over summer to teach photography to teenage girls in Lebanon's refugee camps. Proof that when it comes to her photography, for Rania it's much more than a project - it's a commitment for the greater good.

Below are just a few example from the wonderful series, but you can buy the entire collection in hardback via her online store  there's also an excellent limited edition version available as well. In the meantime, enjoy her work - you might see a reflection of your own childhood in her images.

© All images by Rania Matar


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